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For a limited time only, these incredible Indigenous fabrics by Jijaka FabricsLeets Dreaming will be available for purchase.

Celebrating my home country (Australia) and it’s traditional owners is something I’m very passionate about. I’m so pleased to be able to create a very special food wrap set with these original artworks.

Sales from this set will directly support Indigenous communities through the Nangala Projects social and cultural programs. 

Jijaka is the Aboriginal word meaning ‘kangaroo’. These authentic designs tell the stories of Aboriginal people who have lived on the Australian continent for more than 40,000 years. Stories of the ancient Dreamtime journeys of spirit ancestors, as they travelled the vast Australian landscape. . Amazing!


Our Beeswax food wraps are a compostable, breathable alternative to single-use plastic, helping to reduce pollution, food waste and a more sustainable life for you and your family!


Easy to clean, easy to use and easy to love with so many amazing fabric choices! All of our wraps are made with natural + organic ingredients so you can be certain your food is wrapped safely for you and the planet!​


Our wraps come in 3 sizes


Our most popular set comes in a 3 pack which includes 1 wrap in each size.


Small 7" x 7" - wrap a cut avocado, apple or lemon


Medium 10" x 10" - wrap bowl of leftovers, small block of cheese, herbs or vegetables


Large 13" x 13" - wrap a cut watermelon, rockmelon, leftover dinner plate or loaf or slices of bread


You can choose a different size pack from the drop down box - Prices vary for each pack.


Whatever you choose to wrap, rest assured, all ingredients are natural and safe for food coverage.


Our Ingredients:


100% Cotton


Beeswax - 100% Pure, USDA Certified Organic & Triple Filtered


Tree Resin - derived from slash pine trees in South Georgia, USA, using only sustainable forest practices


Jojoba Oil - 100% Pure, USDA Certified Organic 


  • Local postage within Hong Kong is a flat rate of $20